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  1. When is it OK to Give Up?

    Our society puts pressure on us to constantly improve ourselves. Get a degree, get a nice car, find a better job, or better yet, the perfect job! Find that one job that is perfect for you and apply yourself completely to get it. Put all your hopes and dreams into…

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  2. Appetite for Learning

    What creates an appetite for learning? I remember as a child that I loved to read. My parents were integral in getting that ball rolling. They encouraged reading all the time and were always happy to buy me new books. The stories I immersed myself in created vivid pictures and…

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  3. Policy of Disengagement

    There are many situations to deal with as a leader in a business environment. One such situation is when a top performer suddenly becomes disengaged from her work for no apparent reason. It’s never good when any team member is no longer engaged. Momentum is lost, morale will suffer…

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