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  1. Aurelia - New Click Tracking Feature for Google Analytics Plugin

    aurelia-google-analytics has just been updated with a new feature that enables tracking of clicks. The latest version is 1.0.1. To install: jspm install aurelia-google-analytics Then do the following to configure it in your Aurelia app: // main.js export function configure(aurelia) { aurelia.use //... .plugin('aurelia-google-analytics', config => { config.…

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  2. Aurelia - Plugin for Google Analytics

    I needed to track page views for the project I'm working on so I created a plugin for Aurelia called aurelia-google-analytics. It's really simple to use and only requires 3 lines of configuration...yes, that's it! It only provides tracking for page views at the moment. To install just use…

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  3. Aurelia tips - @bindable attribute naming convention

    When creating a Custom Element in Aurelia you can use the @bindable attribute to pass data into the element from the parent. The naming convention for that attribute changes camel-cased names to dash-cased. If your property is named myProp then it gets changed to my-prop. The example below demonstrates this.…

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