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Philly Code Camp 2015.2

Another great conference by the Philly.NET team! Kudos for the well organized and planned event.

I attended Chris Love's full day session on Friday titled "Learn Modern Web Application Development Techniques That Take Your Company to the Future". Chris always has a lot of great info and tips to share on modern web development techniques. Some takeaways:

  • Developers must keep in mind the data cost to the end user viewing their site on mobile devices with cellular data connections. Large, unoptimized sites will be more expensive in terms of bandwidth cost. Tim Kadlec created a web site,, where anyone can check the cost of viewing any public web site based on data costs from various countries.

  • Tips for optimization:

    • Don't blindly include large libraries if only a small part will be used. Try to find a smaller library that does the same thing.
    • Make sure to use the proper size for images. Services like allow a user to create multiple sizes and file types from an uploaded image.
    • High Performance Responsive Design is a recommended book.

On Saturday I had the following itinerary picked out:

  • "Fundamentals of GoLang" presented by Scott Kay showed how easy it is to get started with Go. Scott pointed out Go's simple, yet powerful support for concurrency.

  • Next was "Build to Last - Evolving from Developer to Software Craftsman" presented by Todd Snyder. Todd stressed that all developers should know basic development principles such as SOLID and design patterns.

  • "Introducing Azure Service Fabric" by Michael "Monty" Montgomery discussed the new feature being released on Azure. Service Fabric is a very powerful platform to build high performance and reliable services. The aim is to make it easy for both developers and operations team to use the same platform for the entire SDLC. Interesting fact: Azure itself is built on Service Fabric.

  • The last session I attended was the "Web Dev Panel" which featured Chris Gomez, Jess Chadwick and Todd Snyder and was moderated by Jeff Fritz. Most of the discussion revolved around ASPNET 5 and the change of tooling associated with it.

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